Success over the Years:

Over the last few years thousands of students have taken thousands of classes and workshops at The Lab. The Lab’s junior team won the USA Gold Medal in the Junior Division at Hip Hop International, their collab team “TLxWC” won 1st Place and the Alpha award with FOUR perfect scores at the Maxt Out competition in Pasadena, 1st Place at Bridge Juniors, 1st Place at Vibe Juniors, and the West Covina High School hip hop program (Directed by Val and Carrie) has had three years of undefeated season, defending their titles as CADTD State Champions, and have become 3 year USA National Champions in the All-Male and hip hop divisions. The studio has hosted numerous special events (including barber battles and bboy jams) and countless video shoots for top dancers/choreographers around the world. They are home to many of STEEZY studios online video tutorials and some of the top dance crews, including Kinjaz, Quest Crew, and Hall of Fame have spent time rehearsing at The Lab. We are also proud that many of our younger students as well as instructors who are working dancers in the industry had their own successes, landing roles for Sketchers, Walgreens, America’s Got Talent, America’s Best Dance Crew, So You Think You Can Dance, The Next Generation, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” tour and World of Dance on NBC.

We had over 20 athletes in our kickboxing and weight lifting program compete in sanctioned fights and lifting competitions, and our MMA instructor, Ed Ramirez, continues to coach his trainees from amateur to professional status in the world of Muay Thai.

We look forward to forming new relationships and finding new ways to connect with our community. If you are interested in taking a class or holding an event at The Lab, please visit our “Contact Us” page for more information.


Getting Involved:

If you are interested in being a part of any of our award winning crews, evaluations take place periodically throughout the month. Current enrollment in our advanced unlimited class package at The Lab is required to be eligible for selection. Let us know of your interest through email and we will work with our directors and instructors to evaluate your student.