The Lab Creative Arts Studio opened its doors in 2011, expanding from a one room dance studio into a multi-faceted facility residing in the heart of West Covina (centrally located between Orange County & Los Angeles).

At its core, are two individuals dedicated to bringing the vision to life, determined to let nothing stop them in fulfilling their dream. The visionary and owner of The Lab Creative Arts Studio, Valerie Ramirez, has an extensive 15 year background in studio ownership, team direction, and success in the dance industry. She is known for her commitment to greatness, forward thinking, and her philanthropic personality. Val has the magical ability to identify strength and skill in others who may not have realized it in themselves. Under her direction, students are given lessons in hard work, humility, commitment, and humor – an approach that has helped hundreds of dancers develop their greatness and feel empowered to tackle the necessary steps to reach their goals. She is known for setting the bar and breaking records in any project or role she takes on. Her passion to create a facility where dancers and athletes are home-grown and her love for collaboration/taking on new projects, has made The Lab what it is today. Val’s ideas push everyone around her to keep things dynamic, fluid, and interesting. Her insatiable mindset is creating a lasting legacy and laying the foundation for the next generation of movers, creators, and world changers to reach their full potential.

Helping to make the vision a reality and also no stranger to the studio life, is Carrie Calkins, Director of Operations at The Lab. She too has a 15 year history of studio ownership, team direction, and a passion for getting things done! When Carrie moved to Los Angeles in 2009, so began the plans for Val’s studio expansion to The Lab. Carrie is the alchemist behind Val’s ingenious goals. She celebrates the full set of possibilities she is presented with and prioritizes the big picture. With her tenacity, there is a development of concrete strategies and plans for effective implementation. She brings people together behind the vision, and generates excitement for what lies ahead. Together, Val and Carrie make an inseparable team. Valerie stretches the boundaries of what seems possible and Carrie rises to the occasion of putting the people in place to bring her vision in action.

The team of family and friends who have watched Valerie fulfill her dreams have become The Lab’s staff, crew, and continue to be involved in the growth of the studio behind the scenes and in the day to day activities.